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varie movie59The CASA di AMERIGO VESPUCCI is the little rectangular 12th century house below the castello to the south. It was entirely restored and modernized in 1970 by Lorenzo Scaretti. Various members of the Vespucci family followed professional careers at times at the service of the Medicis with whome they also were on friendly terms. Amerigo,as a child,in order to escape the “peste” or plague in the city was sent to Trebbio to stay with his uncle who was the estate’s bailiff there. From Trebbio Amerigo wrote letters in latin to his father in Florece,letters that are still extant in the Uffizzi Archives .He grew up to become the famous explorer who charted newly found lands across the Atlantic.The german map maker Martin Waldseemüller, not knowing what to call these vast territories that had been passed onto him on Americo’s behalf, named them “AMERICA” ( in the feminine ) as in ASIA, EUROPA and AFRICA.


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Nice indipendent country house where the famous explorer Amerigo Vespucci lived long ago. Ground floor: living-room with 2 single sofa-beds, kitchen, 1 bathroom with shower. First floor: spacious living room with very nice fire place. Second floor: 1 bed room with 1 double bed, bedroom with 2 single beds, 1 bathroom with tub

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